Coffee in Vegas: Finding the Quiet Craft

Photo of a cappuccino at Vesta Coffee in Las Vegas Nevada, Las Vegas specialty coffee guide

Where do you find the best coffee in Las Vegas, Nevada? At a Specialty and 3rd Wave coffee shop.

Because Specialty and 3rd Wave Coffee is all about the quiet craft:

Craft in the cup. In the café. And in the community.

Even in world-famous Las Vegas, epicenter of non-stop fun and high-stakes action,

The quiet craft of coffee, culture, and community awaits you.

So when you seek authentic local vibes to accompany a cup of specialty coffee or artisanal tea,

When you crave the quiet in-between the gaming, the glitz, and the glamour,

Discover how to drink (coffee) like a local at the best indie coffee shops.

All independently selected, taste-tested, reviewed, and photographed by Spotlight Sojourns.

Afterwards, head back out on the town to keep the party going.

Because there’s a latte more excitement and adventure ahead.

Ready? Let’s go!

Coffee in Vegas: Top 3 3rd Wave Cafés

VESTA COFFEE ROASTERSPhoto of a cappuccino at Vesta Coffee, in Las Vegas 3rd wave coffee guide
1114 S Casino Center Boulevard #1
Arts District, Las Vegas

“Hearth, Home & Family” is Vesta’s motto.

Without doubt, the motto fits.

In the Arts District’s lively heart, this destination coffee house draws locals and visitors alike.

Vesta’s industrial-chic space is a veritable magnet both for farm-to-cup and farm-to-fork quality.

And also for warm and welcoming community.

Walk in as a stranger. Walk out as a friend.

Photo of a cappuccino at PublicUs Coffee, in Las Vegas 3rd wave coffee guide

1126 Fremont Street
Downtown Las Vegas

Need a break from the Strip’s bright lights?

Slip away to Downtown. And step into PublicUs.

PublicUs serves up award-winning artisanal espresso, delicious dishes, and urban ambience.

Later, with a coffee to go, stroll along Fremont Street with its old motels under restoration, and up to the Fremont Street Experience.

Photo of a cappuccino at Mothership Coffee, in Las Vegas 3rd wave coffee guide

1028 Fremont Street
Downtown Las Vegas
(+ other locations)

Mothership defines a different kind of fabulous:

Firstly, fabulous coffee sourced globally and roasted in-house.

Secondly, fabulous baristas who enjoy sharing their knowledge.

Embrace the fabulous at stylish cafés downtown and in nearby Henderson.

More Specialty Coffee in Vegas

Photo of a cappuccino at Makers & Finders

1120 S Main Street #110
Arts District, Las Vegas
(+ other locations)

Makers and Finders specialty coffee bar and restaurant is quite the draw.

Meanwhile, the Latin-inspired menu makes the mouth water.

So make your move here, and find yourself happy.



Photo of a cortado at Sambalatte

750 S Rampart Blvd #9
Boca Park, Las Vegas
(+ other locations)

Sashay into a warm environment of rich espresso-brown hues accented with red.

See the roasters and baristas express their craft in a “theatre of coffee.”

Sip and savour Sambalatte’s singular passion.


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