Kudos. Orchids. Recommendations. Testimonials.

Whatever word you choose to use, here's some of our rave reviews.

Because it's not what we say about ourselves, is it? It's what others say.


“It was an absolute pleasure working with Marilee and Paul at Spotlight Sojourns. They were incredibly organized, knew exactly what experiences they were looking for and met and exceeded every deliverable promised to us. They were able to paint an amazing picture of our destination with their words and photos and capture the all of the amazing attributes that Albany has to offer. If you are looking for storytellers to draw visitors to your destination look no further than Marilee and Paul.”
- Kathryn Cotter, Director of Marketing, Discover Albany

"I had the pleasure of working with Marilee and Paul when my county hosted them for a tour in Utica. It was easy to communicate and plan with them prior to meeting and as soon as we met in person, I felt like they were old friends. They are so professional yet easygoing and it was easy to work with them from start to finish. I love their enthusiasm, passion, and style of storytelling when it comes to showcasing destinations. Additionally, they’re tech-savvy and totally in tune with social media trends. Marilee and Paul created beautiful Instagram Reels and posts that we were able to share to both of our Instagram pages. As someone who runs social media accounts, it’s a breath of fresh air to have total trust in the quality of product they were going to produce. I can already tell that they are helping us build a new audience and spark interest in our part of NYS. I highly recommend working with Spotlight Sojourns and can’t wait for our next project together!"
- Sarah Calero, President, Oneida County Tourism

"Marilee, your energy and enthusiasm have always made me smile. I appreciate how you opened my world up to service on the MPINCC Board. I gained new skills through that experience that I use today in my business ventures. I also remember you talking to me about being present in moments. Still today, I often put my phone in my pocket and just absorb what is happening around me. Sometimes it's a crowded city center full of tourists, cobblestones and historic architecture. Other times, it's a quiet walk in the forest. This is the most beautiful gift you have shared with me. Thank you for being an impactful part of my journey."
- Paula Zimmer, Author & Founder, Travels Lightly

More Kudos

We together used social media to invite others to see St. Louis through Marilee’s eyes. We’re delighted with the reach of social media exposure.” – Brian Hall, Chief Marketing Officer, Explore St. Louis

“A skilled strategist, Marilee is able to bring people together behind a grand vision and inspire others.” – Annette Gregg, CMM, MBA, Chief Revenue Officer, Meeting Professionals International

“Masterful storyteller who has an innate ability to draw readers in.” – Sarah Yekinni, Founder, Bespoke Social Co.

“Tuned into our brand, exuberant, supremely poised.” – Global Solar Power Producer

“Inspirational and knowledgeable … able to captivate a multi-generational audience.” – Dean, School of Applied Arts & Sciences, San Jose State University

“Highly recommend using Marilee and her team.” – Global Hotel Alliance

“Brings professionalism, quality, and integrity to every interaction.” – Matthew Schermerhorn, CMP, Principal, Black Box Meetings

“A unique style of regal accent.” – Global Hotel Management

“Seriously THE BEST.” – Global Meetings & Events Producer

“We struck GOLD!” – Direct Marketing Agency

“She is among the very best at what she does, producing real and measurable results.” – Executive Communications Consultant

On behalf of the Convention Industry Council and the entire meetings community, thank you for lending your expertise and precious time on the CIC Manual 9th Edition.”– Events Industry Council