Spotlight Sojourns

Make your location a bucket-list destination.

We can help with that.

We’re Marilee Kostadimas, CMP, DMCP, and Paul Kostadimas, founders of Spotlight Sojourns.

We’re visual storytellers for travel, tourism, and hospitality brands – including arts, cultural, and historic organizations.

Meaningful travel is part of our own story from the very beginning.

Here's what we do at Spotlight Sojourns.

We create Showcases: digital portfolio series of eye-popping, jaw-dropping visual content and expert, engaging written context:

About meaningful travels and authentic experiences. About genuine connections and candid recommendations.

We publish Showcases via video, newsletter, blog, and social. Clients receive the digital assets, too.

The results augment your marketing plan. Amplify your word-of-mouth. And increase your relevance.

Here's what that looks like.

Maybe you’ve watched a video, read a blog or an email, seen a social post about a place, a hotel, a museum.

And you’ve said, “Wow, I have to go there.”

Maybe you’ve forwarded that video, blog, newsletter, or social post to someone else.

Now, they have to go there, too.

That’s what we do: We create the “wow’ that you forward.

But the “wow’ is more than a pretty shot. It’s a cohesive end-to-end visual story.

The kind of visual storytelling that stirs emotion…

Motivates action…

And helps keep your reservation agents busy with advance bookings!

Read more on how we can help get on travel bucket lists.