Peace, Light, Love, and Joy in the Festive Season

Grafton street pedestrian walking mall at night time lit up by all the Christmas lights and decorations wishing you Nollaig Shona Duit

“We shall find peace. We shall hear the angels. We shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds.” (Anton Chekhov)

A long flight from San Francisco to London to Dublin, Ireland. A brief “Happy Thanksgiving” announcement mid-air. A small buffet of sliced turkey and side dishes in United’s lounge at Heathrow.

On this occasion, this Thanksgiving unlike any before, these were the only signs of the quintessential American holiday for us.

While thankful for this meaningful travel, still we missed gathering with loved ones around the harvest table. In truth, we especially missed the priceless smiles of two precious ladies.

On that arrival night in Dublin, Paul and I checked into the hotel. 

Then straightaway, we strolled out, hand in hand, through late November’s nighttime chill.

We had no intention except to stretch our legs after many hours en route. When we turned a corner and –

Behold! The glittering lights of Grafton Street welcomed us into the glory of Christmas.

Surprisingly uplifted by the unexpected sky sparkling with diamonds, Paul and I felt suddenly lighter.

We simultaneously felt a profound sense of peace, light, love, and joy.

Because of grit, grace, and gratitude.

Grit, Grace, and Gratitude

These three attributes are part of our beloved late mothers’ legacies.

Grit is the trait of resilience and perseverance. Of positivity, flexibility, and adaptability

Just like the abrasive grit of sand inside an oyster creates a pearl.

Grace is the act of mercy, pardon, or influence. Whether internally, externally, or divinely.

Grace also describes an elegant or pleasing quality in form, manner, or movement.

Gratitude is the emotion of thankfulness and gratefulness.

Practicing the attitude of gratitude especially lifts us from the muck and mire.

So grit, grace, and gratitude are the essential traits, acts, and emotions to lift us up from the muck and the mire.

To impart peace, light, love, and joy. Strengthen our sense of hope. Keep us moving forward.

Above all, grit, grace, and gratitude are three gifts. Yours to give and to receive.

In the festive season. And in every season. For every reason.


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