Thanks & Ever Thanks: MPINCC ACE Allstars

Spotlight Sojourns

I can no answer make, but thanks, and thanks, and evermore thanks.” (William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night)

Heralding heartfelt gratitude for many months and countless hours dedicated and devoted to design and deliver the Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Northern California Chapter (MPINCC) 29th Annual Conference & Expo (ACE) on 03.09.17, MPINCC President Marilee Sonneman, CMP, DMCP, honors and acknowledges the following illustrious individuals who answered the call to serve:

2016-2017 Leadership

  • ACE Chair Matthew Schermerhorn, CMP, HMCC, Past President and MPI RISE 2017 Industry Leadership finalist
  • ACE Co-Chair and Chief of Staff Ryan Carroll
  • ACE Education Chair Dana Marshall, CMP, CMM, HMCC, Past President
  • ACE Education Co-Chair Gigi Gleason, CMP
  • Director of ACE Lisa Burkett, CMP, CMM, HMCC
  • VP of Finance Lucinda Mendoza, CMP, and the entire Board of Directors
  • Executive Director Lori Kinsey, CMP, and team

2016-2017 Committee Members

  • ACE Reception Crystal Bocanegra
  • ACE Program Management – Lead Joel Costa, CMP, MBA, Past President
  • ACE Volunteer Coordination – Lead Denice Davis
  • Innovation Alley – Lead + Volunteer Coordination Michael J. Gordon
  • ACE Volunteer Coordination Priscilla K. Lee
  • ACE Emergency Plan Julie Lindsay (and Robert Mirakaj, Security)
  • ACE Emergency Plan Darci M. Motta, CMP, CITE
  • ACE Marketing & Promotion – Lead Jessika Neufeld, CMP
  • ACE Emergency Plan – Lead Danielle Restaino, CMP
  • ACE Reception – Lead Jay Roman
  • ACE Education Renee Goetz

Thanks, and thanks, and evermore thanks, to these and many others who worked tirelessly to Rise and Shine and to Educate, Engage, IGNITE! the 1,200+ exhibitors, 550+ exhibitors, 24 speakers and faculty, 75+ students, and staff at MPINCC ACE 2017.

Thanks, and thanks, and evermore thanks to those who make a difference for our community, our industry, our world.

Photo Credit: Orange Photography