MPINCC and You Made History

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What an epic year it’s been as MPINCC and you made history to Educate, Engage, IGNITE!

Today marks my final day as President of the history-making, record-breaking, off-the-charts-amazing Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Northern California Chapter (MPINCC).

Because it’s the final day of this history-making, record-breaking, off-the-charts-amazing program year.

‘Tis the highest honour to serve as the 37th President of MPINCC – the world’s largest Chapter of the world’s largest association of meeting, event, and hospitality professionals.

Let’s look back at the road we’ve traveled together.

Here’s how our journey began.

Our journey together began with a boom (literally, with confetti cannons!) at the sold-out black-tie “Sparkle & Shine” MPINCC Annual Gala 12 months ago.

As incoming President, I challenged you to define your WHY, to determine your ROI. Then to join up, get up, suit up, and show up.

Indeed, you did exactly that.

You emphatically answered the call to join up, get up, suit up, and show up in order to Educate, Engage, IGNITE!

Correspondingly, you brought not only your excitement and enthusiasm but also your energy and ideas. All the time, all year long.

With the result that we recently toasted this program year’s big moments and our supernova stars at the “Celebrate Together” MPINCC Annual Gala.

Here’s how MPINCC and you made history.

Powered by the unity of the community, together we at MPINCC:

  • Elevated excellence and transformed the experience for our members and potential members.
  • Led the world in education quality and satisfaction with top-tier speakers.
  • Strategized and showcased the Annual Conference & Expo (MPINCC ACE) anew in its 29th year:
    • Designing the first-ever Strategic Meeting Management Plan.
    • Developing the first-ever Emergency Plan.
    • Delivering the 1st-ever seated luncheon keynote for attendees, exhibitors, students, faculty, and staff.
  • Gave back via a Community Involvement action or drive every single month of this program year.
  • Achieved global recognition of excellence with a historic 3 nominations and 2 wins in the MPI RISE 2017 Awards at the World Education Congress in Las Vegas:
    • Finalist for Industry Leadership – Matthew Schermerhorn, CMP, HMCC, our President from 2010 to 2011
    • Award for Marketplace Excellence – Annual Conference & Expo – accepted by Immediate Past President Joey Nevin
    • Award for Educational Programming – CMP University – accepted by President Marilee Kostadimas, CMP, DMCP

Together we fired up. We lit up the sky. And without a doubt, we made heads turn.

When you chose to join up, get up, suit up, and show up.

Since you chose to ignite your light and let it shine.

When you chose wholeheartedly to commit, inspire, and make a difference. 

Because YOU are the firework. So you showed ’em what you’re worth.

Finally, with heart aglow in gratitude for each and every one of you, I thank you all once again.

It’s important to realize and recognize how you elevated the excellence and transformed the experience to Educate, Engage, IGNITE!

And that’s why MPINCC and you made history.

Sparkle on, like the stars you are.


Photo Credit: Orange Photography


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