Memory Of The Heart: MPINCC Gala Stars

Spotlight Sojourns

“La reconnaissance est la mémoire du coeur / Gratitude is the memory of the heart.” (Jean Massieu)

Meeting Professionals International Northern California Chapter (MPINCC) “Celebrate Together” Annual Gala at the Hotel Nikko San Francisco was a sold-out event to remember.

Over 300 industry leaders and luminaries celebrated the supernovas of this history-making, record-breaking-off-the-charts-amazing program year to Educate, Engage, IGNITE! 

We then welcomed the incoming Board of Directors and the new program year ahead to Innovate Together.

Celebrating our Gala Superstars

Recognition has been one of the great joys of the job for this outgoing President of the world’s largest Chapter of the world’s largest association of meeting, event, and hospitality professionals.

So I should like to recognize the Gala superstars who worked specifically to produce, promote, and present this stunning soirée and silent auction:

MPINCC Gala Leadership

  • Gala Chair – Patrick McMichael, CSEP
  • Gala Co-Chair – Carina Hessmer
  • Gala Chair – Christa (Mekki) Towslee, CMP, CITP
  • Awards & Recognition Chair – Dorothea Carroll-Elumba
  • Awards & Recognition Co-Chair – Sean Kirklen, CMP
  • Director of Special Events – Paula Zimmer, CMP
  • VP of Finance – Lucinda Mendoza, CMP
  • VP of Membership – Stewart Hall and the entire Board of Directors
  • Executive Director – Lori Kinsey, CMP, and her team

Gala Committee Members

  • Gala Production and On-Site Producer – Neil Adams
  • Gala Marketing – Patricia Gums
  • Auction Liaison – Lauren Hall, CMP
  • Gala F&B – Elaine Herman
  • Gala Production – Scott Hutchins
  • Gala Marketing Lead – Robert Leyva
  • Gala Marketing – Melanie Lucero
  • Gala PowerPoint – Kathleen Maier, CMP
  • President’s Reception – Brigid Neff

Auctions Committee Members

  • Yarin Itzkovitz
  • Anne Marie Mourhess
  • Yen Nguyen, CMP

Thanks to each and every one of you, our MPINCC Gala superstars.

Gratitude is indeed the memory of the heart. My heart shall surely remember and celebrate you.

Sparkle on, like the stars you are.


Abbé Jean Massieu quoted by Edward Latham, Famous Sayings and Their Authors: A Collection of Historical Sayings, 1906, page 132.


Photo Credit: Scott Slocum | Walnut Creek Convention & Visitors Bureau


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