Your practice field.

Meeting Professionals International Northern California Chapter (MPINCC) President 2015-2016 Joey Nevin of AT&T Park (go, Giants!) fielded an all-star team on MPINCC: Your Practice Field. Inspiration highlighted the 2015-2016 program year, with the powerful message of keynote speakers at three Professional Education Programs continuing to resonate long after the applause:

* Dave Dravecky – Major League Baseball Pitching Great and former San Francisco Giant (pictured below with the entire 2015-2016 Board) – “The Worth of a Man” 08.19.15 – Dravecky’s career as a Major League left-handed pitcher ended agonizingly when his cancer-ridden left arm snapped in Giants v Montreal. The riveting account of his journey to redemption and recovery with faith and fortitude held the audience spell-bound.  “It’s not what you do that matters most, it’s who you are.”
Find encouragement with Jan and Dave Dravecky at Endurance, HERE.

* Jon Kedrowski, PhD – Alpinist, Ski Mountaineer, Everest Summiter – “Climb Your Own Everest” 01.12.16 – Highly accomplished yet humble, Kedrowski shared his tales of record-setting adventures on mountaintops.  The audience was completely quiet as Kedrowski described being in Everest base camp during the Nepal earthquake, avalanche, and aftermath.  “Sometimes in life, you have to do something outrageous to get noticed, to get where you’re going.  And there are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”
Support the Sherpa Foundation, HERE.

* Patricia Suflita Wilson – CEO of Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area and the woman behind SFBatkid and Batkid Begins – “Getting ‘Rich’ in a Non-Profit Career” 05.17.16 – Inspiration over ambition, meaning over money, such is the coin of the non-profit realm. To hear, “This is the best day of my life” from a WishKid motivates Wilson, a hero to children with life-threatening illnesses and their families (and hey, Julia Roberts is playing Wilson in the upcoming film).  Wilson’s story of how SFBatkid became a City-wide event then a global phenomenon and a documentary Batkid Begins, captivated the audience .  Wilson’s three lessons hold true for non-profits and for-profits alike:  deputize volunteers, don’t delegate; manage sponsorshipsensure relevancy and mutual benefit; apply the power of social mediaengage and not just broadcast.
Make more wishes come true with Make-A-Wish, HERE.

These speakers.  This president.  These volunteers.  True inspiration.  True leadership.  True Giants.

Thanks to Joey “the Onion” Nevin, the MPINCC 2015-2016 Board, and all the superhero Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs, and Committee members for a truly impressive, influential, and impactful 2015-2016 program year.

Photo © Orange Photography

Photo © Orange Photography











Back row (L-R): Owen Rundall, Brian Bouchelle, Lucy Giovando Watts, CMP, CMM, Lucinda Mendoza, CMP, Samah Menoufy, Stewart Hall, Gary Murakami, CTC, GTP, GLP, CMP, CMM, Kelvin Nanney
Front Row (L-R): Linda Lingenfelter, CHME, Lori Kinsey, CMP, Marilee Sonneman, CMP, DMCP, Dave Dravecky, Joey Nevin, Jody Brandes, CMP, CMM, Zorianna Smith, CMP, DMCP

Photo © Orange Photography

Photo © Orange Photography










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